About Me

“No creative tagline needed. Because it’s simple.”

WordPress Design

I offer complete WordPress web site design and development service that features search engine improvement, and spotlight on visitor conversions. Whereas I tend to concentrate on the customer journey and therefore the user experience. 

UI & UX Design

UI & UX involves planning and iterating a site’s structure and layout. Once the proper information architecture is in place, I design the visual layer to create a beautiful user experience.

Photo Credit
Sarif Saladin Sarker (Rusho)

Do you know?

Pronunciation of my name “Sazzad”?
– It’s “Sajj-zad

My Otherside

Beside my professional work, I try to snap some photograph here & there. I do a lot of travel, specially hiking and campign.

Sylhet Bichhanakandi
Place: Bichhanakandi, Sylhet

Some Photographs